About Smart Solutions Clinic Program

Smart Solutions Clinic program manages your clinic as it should be from organizing statements and keeping customer data and monitoring revenues and expenses and this program is suitable for specialized clinics and medical centers

Patient Affairs Department

You can track patients' records and made reports

Doctors Affairs Department

Doctors are administered from daily check-ups and reports are extracted

Department of Human Ressources

Statements, appointments and calculations are recorded for each employee

Comprehensive clinic reports

Complete clinic reports with search history, name, etc.

Follow-up clinic accounts

Follow up the clinic's accounts of operations, expenses, revenues, safes and profits

Expense management

Expense transactions are recorded in full detail and expense account for employees

Revenue Management

You can now keep track of your revenue with ease for each month, year, etc.

Following up the treasury profits

Reports are prepared for each treasury with expenses, income and staff accounts

Manage appointments

All statements are recorded for each patient and doctor and the possibility of extracting reports

Ability to block users

Ability to block any user from entering the program without losing any data

Profit statistics for the year

Dividends for each month and year are automatically extracted.

statics of appointments during the year

Stats and reports of statements and appointments are displayed for each month

Find out how the Smart Solutions Clinic program helps you manage your business

The Smart Solutions Clinic program allows you to manage your clinics completely without using paper and traditional methods. Because you can track your clinic and patients from any computer or through tablets with ease. You can now request the program and add the modifications you want and updates to suit your clinic and all this at economic prices with speed to finish your requests through professional developers and programmers


A fast, easy-to-use, full-featured cloud system

The Smart Solutions Clinic Online program is used from any computer to manage your clinic easily with a great design for easy navigation and save data in an external database is saved in your server while protecting it from any external attack and this program is distinguished from the following through:

  • Ease of use
  • Features Completed
  • Technical support
  • MEconomic price

He works on all specialties of doctors and can specialize more

Smart solutions clinic program is used for comprehensive clinics and dispensaries and private clinics with the addition of any modifications and updates to your version so as to suit the management of your clinic and organize your business with professionalism and ease

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Features of Smart Solutions Clinic Program

The Smart Solutions Clinic program is one of the best and easiest economic programs to help you organize medical management, financial management and staff inside your clinic or medical center. In order to save time staff and doctors to register because it is characterized by ease of use and also does not need the software to computers with high specifications because it is characterized by fast and easy navigation between pages

Complete system allows you to keep track of all clinic details
Follow up on the statements and reports during the year
Definition of the doctor and his data and reports
Complete Patient Record (Clients)
Three roles for the user (Admin - Doctor - Receptionist)
The possibility of change and add adjustments to suit your needs
The interface is simple and easy to use
Monitor income and expenses and calculate net income
Manage all clinic or medical center accounts
Complete reports on each employee's record
Technical support and inquiries within 24 hours at your service
Multilingual Program (English - Arabic - etc)

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Customers Testimonials

Why Choose Smart Solutions Clinic?

Smart Solutions Clinic is a comprehensive program for the management of private medical clinics and medical dispensaries, a simple program advanced fast easy to use is a program dedicated to save time and effort to manage clinics of various specializations and facilitate the management of clinics in terms of financial and administrative aspects and personnel so as not to be hard on staff Doctors and managers manually record data where data is entered easily and stored in a database with the possibility of backing up the database at any time.

Manage your clinic

The program will manage your clinic completely without the need for many papers that are not needed now with access to any information with ease

Edits and updates

We offer you the possibility to request the modifications and updates you want at any time and are implemented as quickly as possible with high quality

Security and data privacy

Your data is completely protected from hacking with the highest technology through encryption and the addition of special security systems for the server

Reports and statistics

The program provides you with reports for each section in the program statements, doctors, staff, expenses, revenues, storage etc. and the possibility of searching easily

Save time and effort

The program saves you time as it provides you with everything you need for the ease and flexibility of your clinic and manage it professionally and comprehensively

Technical support

We provide you with the highest level of technical support and inquiries, questions and suggestions you want and the possibility of teaching you the program and how to use.